Saturday, February 9, 2013

Extensions Extensions Extensions!

What girl doesn't want long flowing locks? Some of us are blessed with thick beautiful hair! I am so envious of my best friends Steph and Jess who have naturally thick curly hair! (See the picture of the three of us I am the ONLY one with some weave in lol). I have a lot of hair but its fine (thanks mom! :-/ ). So since college I have been wearing clip in extensions from Sally beauty supply. I always wanted to get sewn in or bonded extensions but was always talked out of it by my hair dressers.

I have never tried any other extensions until now. I saw what amazing clip in extensions can look like with the wisdom from some of the beauty secrets of bloggers I follow like Jennifer Stano David, Lilly Ghalichi and Carli Bybel. Carli and Lilly both wear Bellami extensions and after watching Secrets of a Trophy Wife I also wanted to try Milani hair extensions that Leyla Milani puts out as her hair also looked amazing on the special one hour segment. So I started doing some research because both extensions seemed like amazing quality. My next pair of extensions I saw as a great investment and was willing to spend a little extra to get better quality and longer lasting hair. I only put my extensions in on the weekends when I am going out or if I have a date with my boyfriend so I take very good care of them and they aren't exposed to too much heat.

I compared both brands of extensions, watched YouTube videos of other extensions as well and realized that the most important component in deciding which brand to invest in would be the amount of grams of hair. Bellami extensions have 20" and 22" extensions and Milani only has 20". Milani comes with 7 wefts and is 100 grams of hair. Bellami bambinas the 20" are 10 wefts with 160 grams of hair. Bellami extensions are also only $149.99 and the Milani line is $179.99 but offers free shipping. Bellami's ship from Canada and is only $5 shipping. The fact there was 60 grams more in hair was the deciding factor for me.

I wore them out this week on a date with my boyfriend for the first time and was instantly impressed with how more natural they felt and looked than the Sally Hansen extensions I have been using. Even my boyfriend said they looked better than the others I used! The clips are less damaging than my Sally's and the band the hair is held together by grips to my hair better so I did not have to tease my roots before inserting the clips. I am so pleased with my purchase and definitely recommend spending the extra money to make your hair look flawless!

I attached pictures comparing the thickness of the Sally extensions vs the Bellami extensions the Sally ones are on the left of both pictures and definitely an obvious difference. The pictures show how important the amount of grams of hair that the extensions contain. Sally extensions were only 18". The picture of me in the snakeskin shirt is me wearing the Sally extensions.

If you are nervous about ordering color online Bellami offers assistance with color matching. Also when in doubt go lighter and you can always dye them darker...dying them lighter and using the bleach can cause damage to the extensions and may cause the hair to fall out of the weft. Always try and bring to your hair dresser to match the color or have them cut if they are too short. If you spend a lot of money on the extensions you don't want to ruin them with a DIY project. Your hairdresser should only charge a small fee for help with coloring or cutting them.

Hope you enjoy your Bellamis if you get some yourself as I know I am in love with mine!

Felicia xoxo


  1. I want to get jet black (I am Persian and have the same hair and skin as lilly ghalichi) but I don't want the jet black to look "fake" what do you think? / what color did you order?

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